Mobile is fast becoming the central focus of many media plans. With mobile advertising spend growing by 132% in the H1 2012 IAB / PwC adspend survey, marketers are beginning to sit up and see the potential of mobile to deliver award winning creative, innovation and most importantly ROI.

The range of advertisers using mobile to benefit their brands is also becoming broader as more mainstream brands from sectors such as finance and consumer goods are investing on mobile.

With any developing industry though comes new challenges. The role of the IAB is to help our members overcome any barriers by working with them to educate and evangelise about mobile to the wider digital industry. There are currently over 60 mobile specific member companies consisting of agencies, networks, publishers, media owners, research and technology companies. With a constant output of education, research and events, mobile at the IAB is becoming one of the largest areas of focus.

This is only the beginning. If you would like to be a part of this mobile revolution at the IAB then contact us about membership.


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